About Us

NW 1776 is a young entrepreneurial team from China. Most of us are around 18 years old. Due to the difficulties of our family, we did not have the opportunity to go to university, so we decided to start our own business, and improve our knowledge and academic qualifications while working while studying at university.
In the process of starting a business, we encountered many difficulties of all kinds, but we all worked hard to overcome difficulties one after another. We work hard, we work more than 14 hours a day. Now we have established our own online stores on Amazon, Carrefour, and Newegg. At present, our business has covered the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Middle East, Japan, Australia, Singapore Wait for the place. Customers of NW 1776 in these countries trust our products and services very much.
Not only did we achieve our goal of going to university, we also helped many international students from African countries. We provided them with internship opportunities and subsidized them to complete their studies.
Starting in 2020, NW 1776's online store will donate $1 for every item sold in the online store to donate children in backward areas to help them complete their studies. So far, we have donated more than $10,000 in educational aid.
We hope to get your support and hope you can trust us. Please rest assured that we are a team that values ​​integrity and customer experience very seriously.

Please trust our products and trust the entrepreneurial team of NW 1776.