How to Distinguish Between Rough Jade and Stone
08.08.2021 | NW 1776 |

The Difference Between Rough Jade and Stone:

1. The Hand Feel is Different. the Rough Surface of Jade is Fine, While the Surface of Stone is Rough.

2. The Density is Different. the Density of the Rough Jade is Generally Higher Than That of the Rough Jade, While the Density of the Stone is Small, and the Rough Jade of the Same Volume Will Be Heavier.

3. The Light Transmittance is Different: a Small Amount of Light Can Be Seen Through the Jade Rough Stone when It is Irradiated with a Flashlight, While the Light Will Not Penetrate when the Stone is Irradiated with a Flashlight.

Extended information:

How to distinguish between rough jade and stone:

1. Dripping method: Put a drop of water on the surface of the stone. If the water droplets are like dripping on the lotus leaf and not scattered, it means that the piece is jade, not an ordinary stone. Because jade has a certain degree of fineness and oiliness.

2. Weight measurement method: The density of jade is very high, and the volume may not be very large, but it feels full of weight in the hand.

3. Hand touch method: The original jade stone will be very cold when it is touched. After a long time of touching, the temperature of the jade will slowly rise to the temperature of the human body, and it will even feel warm and hot when rubbing the skin continuously. After stopping the touch, the residual temperature will remain for a period of time.

4. Observation method: Although the appearance of the rough jade is different from that of the stone, its color is natural and transparent. When you look at it (or under the illumination of a high-bright flashlight), you will find that the whole piece of jade has light penetration. If you look at it with a magnifying glass, some will have various cracks. To know the degree of interweaving of the internal structure of the stone, the denser the degree of interweaving, the more uniform the jade quality, the better.

5. Measuring the hardness: the hardness of the stone. The higher the hardness, the better the quality of jade. Generally, the rough standard required for jade's minimum hardness is that there is no mark on a knife.